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Monday, April 16, 2007
sending emails using Rogers K790

I used to be able to send emails quite simply on my old phone using SMS.

My new K790 has an elaborate email sending interface under Messages->Write New->Email but unfortunately it appears to require a whole bunch of server settings that I don't know.

I spoke to Rogers and there is a quite simple way however to still send emails using SMS. Just enter the email address at the start of the message, followed by a space (I used the # key to generate a space - you can also make a space with the joystick, but that didn't seem to work). Then for the phone number to send to, enter 0000000000.

If you want to add a subject, put it in parentheses after the address, e.g.

Text: (my subject) Hi there.

Rogers will then gateway the email out from your phone email address (yourphonenumber) and will gateway any replies back to your phone via SMS.