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Sunday, April 08, 2007
plastic is the new lead

Oh, those Romans, unawares as they were slowly driven mad by water from their lead pipes.

So will history read "oh those Canadians and Americans, unawares as they were slowly poisoned by water from their plastic pipes and containers"?

I had a nice glass juice container but
1) I am clumsy and manage to smash glass stuff on the kitchen floor all the time (I may eventually replace the kitchen tile with cork on the theory that it may be more bouncy and less smashy)
2) As a case in point, I dropped the container when it was full of juice as I was putting it into the fridge. Although it only fell a couple feet, it smashed into pieces including many many tiny glass shards.
3) I hate tiny glass shards because they're hard to see and pick up, and I worry about pets accidentally stepping on them and hurting their feet (which was a concern at the time, although not any more)

Plus which, I'm not sure how much benefit from glass at the end of the tap, when many many metres of the water's travel is through plastic - including I think down the street (I saw them putting in big new plastic pipes when they fixed the street).

Suzuki apparently will only take tap water, in a glass or glass container.

All this apropos of Globe doom story "Bisphenol A: We're all fvcked now". Err, ok it's called 'Inherently toxic' chemical faces its future.

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