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Friday, April 06, 2007
the next day

She was one yowly cat. She used to get up early in the morning and yowl, continuously, until I got up and watched her eat. Not feed her - the food was already there. She just liked me to be there to watch her.

I don't know what the longest I let her yowl was, it's possible it was an hour or more - she was certainly never one to give up easily.

What I never realized is that the yowlier she was, the healthier she was.

In retrospect she had been a lot quieter in the past few months but as with all of these gradual change things, I never really picked up on it.

I am really glad I had my cameraphone with me, the photo in my previous post is from the last time I ever saw her. I had no idea at the time of course, so it's a great relief that I happened to take the photos for whatever reason.

I'm also glad that I have tons of really good photos of her. I have just four up on Flickr, I will sort the rest out eventually.

She had a toy that she loved, she loved to chew on certain kinds of string, she played with the toy mostly for the reward of catching it so that she could chew the string, which she liked held taut. I had been meaning to videotape her playing with it, since even though she loved it she would never do it in front of my friends, I regret not having it on tape but I can still see it in my mind.

You always think there will be more time, that there will always be a next day, until there isn't, but I don't think we could function as humans most of the time if we went around thinking "I'd better do this now because eventually X will be dead".