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Thursday, April 05, 2007
cat 1995-2002, 2002-2007

The cat's name was Cocotte, I got her at the humane shelter shortly after June 6, 2002.
She had lived for 7 years with another family, but their new? daughter was asthmatic.
In January she wasn't eating her food, I took her in to be checked and they did an ultrasound but couldn't find anything, the also noticed that her teeth (particularly one of the right side) were bad. The recommended doing an xray because they thought there might be something in her bladder. I decided against doing an xray.

Since January she seemed to be eating a bit less but I wasn't tracking it particularly closely, there weren't any changes to her behavior or personality.

Starting this week she was eating very very little and then nothing.
Today she was at the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital where regular bloodwork showed her organs as fine but other bloodwork showed extremely high levels of white cells etc.
An xray followed by an ultrasound were inconclusive, so they did exploratory surgery.
They found she was filled with cancer (something metastasizing something, you know, the "we can't do anything" kind). I gave my permission for her to be euthanized on the table.

She was a good old kitty.
I had no idea she was in any pain or suffering internally.
I hope the last few months weren't too hard for her.

It is always a sad thing, death.