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Sunday, April 01, 2007
BG supplemental: the massacre of the Sagittarions

I normally avoid all information about BG, since I am a psycho spoiler hater, but this may help to explain some of season 3 and why episode um, 14, the hospital one, seemed to appear out of nowhere.

From Salon's interview with Ron Moore (which was a bit spoiler-y)

We'd developed a whole story line this season about a colony called the Sagitarions, and they were going to be an issue in the trial of [former president] Gaius Baltar. During the missing year on New Caprica, when Baltar was president, a massacre had taken place among the people from this one colony that had isolated themselves from the rest of the people. It was this long intricate back story built into a lot of the previous episodes of the show and it just didn't work. And I basically decided to throw it out while I was writing the finale, on the spur of the moment. We then had to go back into previous episodes and take that out, reshooting and re-editing. Some of those episodes suffered from that decision. It was important because it saved the finale and made it much stronger, but certain episodes in the second half of the third season are weaker as a result of that.