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Sunday, February 18, 2007
BG 3x15


It's video people, not a book.
You can show things, you don't have to explain everything in didactic wordage.
Also the drums should only be for battle, not some rescue 911 thing.
Also, aren't you supposed to breathe out before, rather than breathing in, in order to minimize the pressure difference so that you don't, err, explode from the inside out?
Also, hyperbaric chamber? WTF? If you depressurize and then repressurize (inside ship), you don't need to err, re-repressurize.
Also although I know every person gets a small personal allocation, the admiral already has a whole room full of stuff. It is a ship you know, it doesn't have unlimited space. Wouldn't a storage locker on a planet have made more sense? Planet big, lots of space.
Also, the wedding photo kept changing frame and aspect.

Also, they couldn't cover the hole with anything?
They couldn't patch from outside? Patching from outside would seem to be a pretty important ability for you know, a space ship.

Also, they seemed to get cold pretty quickly.