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Monday, January 22, 2007
doomwatch: useless hand sanitizers everywhere

They kill 99.9%
The other .1% that become an unstoppable superbug?
Oh, I wouldn't worry.

CBC Radio News is reporting on hand sanitizers in supermarkets, to wipe down the cart handles. As usual I couldn't find the story on their site, but in the meantime:

More U.S. businesses are helping customers clean up. No longer the province of hospitals and health clinics, hand sanitizers are being offered from health clubs and schools to restaurants and groceries.
"It's being used in every market that we serve," said Joe Drenik, spokesman for Akron, Ohio-based GOJO Industries, Inc., which makes Purell hand sanitizer. "This is a way to kill germs on the go — there's an increased awareness of germs and the implications of germs and getting sick." USA - It's a wash: businesses use hand sanitizers to attract customers - January 21, 2007

Gee, if only humans had spent thousands of years evolving to live in mud and sh-t, maybe we wouldn't need to be afraid of invisible dirt. Too bad we evolved in a pristine white bubble.