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Saturday, January 13, 2007
doomwatch: US ice storm

Residents from Texas to Illinois on Saturday braced for yet another wave of a deadly storm that had already coated the region with a layer of freezing rain and sleet, as frigid arctic blasts reached as far as Southern California.

More than 125,000 homes and businesses had no electricity Saturday in the St. Louis area, where the storm dumped a mix of snow and ice the day before.

"We are still in the middle of a storm," said Ern DeCamp, spokesman for Springfield's City Utilities, where 50,000 customers were without power. "We're still losing people."

CNN - Ice storm smacks roads, power lines - January 13, 2006

As a bonus

Sun-loving Southern Californians also got a rare dose of freezing weather

Yeah, you know when it comes to the climate, you might want to stop using words like "rare", "unprecedented", "unusual", "100-year" etc. Replace all these with "expected doom".