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Sunday, December 17, 2006
world o' Dell Dimension 8200

If I had categories, this would be automatic, but Google is leaving the beta migration to the end for large blogs. This means I have to endure this endless .gif bug that f**ks up every time I try to insert a link. Super.


2003-08-04 My 8200 dies 4 months beyond 1-year warranty

2004-01-09 some info about the 8200 motherboard and RAM

2004-01-11 more info about the 8200 motherboard

2004-02-28 new motherboard and new (upgraded) CPU

2005-02-16 upgraded RAM

2006-12-16 upgraded video

2006-12-17 upgraded hard drive

I still have a USB 2.0 card left to do, if I can fit it without being convinced it will short against the heat sink for the new video card.