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Tuesday, December 05, 2006
an uncivil war

I would say I can't believe the endless debate about whether or not Iraq is having a civil war, but that's not true.

I can believe it, because of the mindset of the crazy Bush people and those of similar ilk. These people believe in the arrogance of total individualism, to the point of personal godhood: they don't think words are used to describe an external, objective reality. They literally believe that their words CREATE reality. If they don't say "civil war", it isn't happening.

Seriously, this is how they think.
Which is to say, they think like insane people.

This is a great posting from Daily Kos

During today's White House press briefing, Tony Snow gave what is apparently the White House definition of civil war:

Q Well, my question now is, what is the definition of the White House of the words "civil war?"

MR. SNOW: That's an interesting question, and there's no clear answer to it, because the one thing -- I spent a lot of time thinking about this last week, and I'm not sure you get any two people to agree. For instance, if a civil war is a situation in which you have two clearly identified organizations with clearly identified leadership, both actively soliciting support from the populace and fighting over territory, authority and legitimacy -- it probably doesn't apply. If you have as your definition of a civil war something that involves the entire land mass -- north, south, east and west -- doesn't apply. But some people think the sectarian violence you've seen -- centered largely around Baghdad, and you also have some terrorist activity in Anbar, a considerable amount -- they think that is civil war. So it depends on which metrics you use for doing it. And frankly, I gave up on trying because there are any number of people who have different measurements.

According to the dictionary:

Main Entry: civil war
Function: noun
: a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country

Is there a civil war in Iraq? You make the call.