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Monday, December 04, 2006
Rogers Christmas Copyright Caper

Has anyone else seen this Rogers Wireless ad?

Cute girl wants to shag dreamy guy.
Inexplicably, these can only be enabled by loading music onto a phone she is giving him - the modern 4GB MP3 cellphone version of a mix-tape.

(Sidebar memo to cute girls: guys are actually not that difficult to impress.)

But I digress.
How does she gather all the tunes with which to win dreamy guy over to her carnal needs?

She copies them.
From her friends.

Friend to friend she goes, until she reaches the 1000 MP3 goal/limit.
Like a house-to-house reverse-Claus, copying as she goes.

Now, am I to believe that her diverse friends all just happen to have hundreds of non-copyrighted, non-infringing, free MP3s?

Am I mistaken, or is Rogers celebrating forbidden Christmas copying sins?

Or is it possible? Could it be? Are they actually promoting Canadian private copy, from-a-friend rights?

It's a Christmas Miracle.