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Saturday, December 23, 2006

In case you're wondering why I'm still on "old" blogger, they won't let me migrate yet.

One of the reasons is the size of my blog.

So here are all the numbers for the year (total lifetime unless yearly is indicated)

Manifesto 6228 posts
Paper Vote 473
Blogger profile views 1478

Manifesto Unique Visitors 108983 (2000 days)
Manifesto Visits incl. Reloads 130747 (2000 days)

Paper Vote Unique Visitors 7671 (969 days)
Paper Vote Visits incl. Reloads 10020 (969 days)

Manifesto 19 FeedBurner readers
Paper Vote 5 FeedBurner readers

Flickr 332 photos / 9,108 views
most popular by views
SL Virt Sci Conf 1076 views

Galleries: 29
Images: 410
Total Usage: 33 MB
Gallery Page Views: 59253
Image Page Views: 64696
Total Page Views: 123949

more to come...

UPDATE 2006-12-24:

Books cataloged 1,078
Books reviewed 139

UPDATE 2006-12-26:

people will watch anything

188 views (according to search results)
252 views (according to video page)