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Sunday, December 17, 2006
Dell Dimension 8200: upgrading hard drive

I got a Western Digital 250GB internal drive.

It replaces the original Seagate 40GB internal drive.
Seagate ST340016A

It came with some software called Data Lifeguard Tools that made everything fairly painless - reconfigured the OS to handle 250GB, copied everything from the old drive, and printed instructions on how to make the new drive the new master.

I have a hard time remembering sizes, having gone from KB to GB in a relatively short span. I'm like, 250GB, is that a lot? It's pretty good actually these days for an internal drive.

In a few years, it will be, 250TB, is that a lot?

The update is complete, I have 197GB free on my C: drive now.
Went pretty smoothly.

It's still ridiculous that I have to open the box and move jumpers and cables in order to change a drive letter and priority in this day and age, but whatever.