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Sunday, December 17, 2006
BG 3.11

*** Some spoilers ahead ***

Another obvious unresolved plotline was Hera, so this one has opened that one up.

This whole Caprica Six-Baltar-Diana thing makes no sense. Baltar is nuts. Caprica Six saves him and then he dumps her? Plus which, there have got to be a dozen ways to test if he's a Cyclon, including
- rebuilding his own test device
- seeing if he can interface with the hybrid by sticking his hands in the cybergoo in the control room
- I would say "seeing if the Centurions recognize him" but I guess we're to assume the Centurions were programmed by the 7
- seeing if he can stick a fibre optic line in his arm like Boomer did
- seeing how he reacts to certain types of radiation

Plus which, he already didn't get the infection that was killing the rest of the Cylon.

How can it possibly be a big mystery?

Also this whole 5 by 5 Grand Religious Unification thing is a bit dubious.

Plus which, it's dead obvious that once you push the right button, the ceiling of the temple of 5 opens up (or is blasted open) and a beam of light shoots out pointing the way to Earth, probably triggering the sun to supernova (which is astrophysically dubious but anyway). And you probably activate it by either having five people, one at each of the 5 podia, or by pushing the giant obvious eye in the middle of the pillar, or some combination of those two.

"to be continued"