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Sunday, November 19, 2006
you want a hilarious Mac ad?

Oh, I'll give you a Mac ad.

Hi, I'm a Mac.
I'm a Macintosh PowerBook G4.

My wireless is a fvcking piece of sh-t.

The wireless access point, which is all of TWO METRES AWAY, is capable of 11 Mbps or 58 Mbps or some damn thing, but that doesn't matter, because all I need is the measly 6 Mbps down / 800 Kbps up that I'm paying for from Rogers.

But I, the Macintosh PowerBook G4, have such a total sh-t wireless card that I get...

That's right. 245 Kbps down. Isn't that fvcking hilarious?

Now, if I were a PC, you'd have to reboot me over and over and over again to get me to work properly.

Well guess what, you have to do the same goddamn thing to get my wireless to maybe, randomly, decide to work at faster than dialup speeds.