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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
in which I lose my glasses

I don't even know what brand or model they are.

I think I stuck them in my jacket pocket and they fell out, maybe on the #2 bus.

Yes, the pocket zippers AND I have many many pockets in the jacket, including inside pockets, but I didn't close them in.

I had losing things.

I want to take a photo inventory of everything.

There's $200 I won't see again.
I liked them too, they fit fine and the prescription was good.
I have some backup glasses but they're crappy, they hurt my eyes a bit and they hurt my left ear a lot.

I don't need them to see in general, but I do need them for staring at the computer 12+ hours a day.

Anyway, if you're wandering around Ottawa and see some glasses, they might be mine.

UPDATE: I contacted OCtranspo Lost & Found, but they don't have them.