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Friday, November 24, 2006
got new glasses

I got new glasses.
You know what sucks?
Getting new glasses.
I never want to get new glasses (frames) again.
I shall certainly strive to never LOSE my glasses again as well.

They are "Versus by Versace".
"Italian," the saleslady said.
Err, if by Italian, you mean Made in China like the rest of the cr*p our society consumes, then yes.

They are MOD 7013 / 1009-S / 52[]18 / 140.

(Yes, photo is forthcoming. All shall be inventories from now on.)

Here's are some images I have, err, borrowed from the web (search for Versus 7013).
[Versus 7013 front view]
[Versus 7013 side view]
Mine are "Satin Black" like the top image, not blue.

It's not clear whether they're ok, or whether my future holds a sore nose, sore ear, and headache every day. Time will tell.

I may have a pair of my old ones remade next year,
assuming they still make that model.
Progress, you know.

My prescription is

Sph. Cyl. Axis
OD -2 -1.25 140
OS -2.25 -0.75 082

SV *

I have no idea what any of that means.

UPDATE 2006-12-11: Last year's prescription (November 2005) was

Sph. Cyl. Axis
OD -2 -1.25 140
OS -2.25 -1.00 082

SV *

As a side note, why do companies do all-Flash sites?
Did Versace sit down one day and say "hey, no one uses search engines, why should we bother having indexable content so people can actually find us"?
If you do manage to find Versace's glasses on their site, apparently the style is huge matte black sunglasses that cover half of your face. They look more like sleep masks than sunglasses. I will never understand fashion. Big regular glasses: hopelessly outmoded geeky loser style. Gigantic sunglasses: supair-kool.