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Monday, November 27, 2006
doomwatch: the urban environment

Clive Doucet, an Ottawa city councillor, had a rather eclectic article in the Globe books section on Saturday.

What you need to read about... cities

I liked his comment

Many books come from what we might call the "woe is me" category. This is the dominant category in the urban library, and the choice stretches toward the horizon.

On this note, behold:

The Bookstore of Doom (Amazon Canada)

also available in American

There were a couple other interesting urban-planning-related articles in the papers. The Ottawa Citizen wrote about the new pedestrian bridge, and also about the (probably hopeless) attempt to plan the military base replacement as an eco-town.

Links to follow.

UPDATE 2006-11-03: I have done a posting with the rest of the articles I wanted to blog about.