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Saturday, November 11, 2006
BG 3.07

Ok, I'm willing to put up with plot holes and bad science... to some extent.
But I'm afaid this ep pushes me over the line.

* pulsars don't pulse in the visible spectrum
* pulsars cannot be "red" or "blue"
* a biological virus with an electromagnetic component? I don't think so.
* the only records from Kobol are obscure religious texts... except there's an exact description of a virus, from 3000 years ago?
* There is no sound in space. Enough with the whooshing rockets already. What happened to the battle drums?

There was also a slight excess of speechifying, but other than that, the ep was good.

One is reminded of the Next Gen Borg genocide ep (the one with Hugh and the unsolvable image), and, less favourably, of the crummy Voyager Borg genocide finale.