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Monday, October 30, 2006
doomwatch: power outages

As if Saturday's storm wasn't bad enough -- it knocked out power to an estimated 122,500 Long Islanders and disrupted rail service in Queens -- more weather worries are expected Sunday. More high winds are expected to keep knocking out power lines, officials said.

"The good news is we didn't get whacked all at once," said Long Island Power Authority chairman Richard Kessel Saturday. "The bad news is we're going to continue to see outages."

Long Island, NYC lose power in wind-whipped storm - - October 29, 2006

Though the highest recorded wind gust was just 40 mph in Poughkeepsie on Sunday, Lipton estimated that winds reached 60 mph in more mountainous terrain.

Rain totaled 3.02 inches in Rhinebeck, 3.32 inches in Kingston and 4.64 inches in Ashokan, Lipton said.

The severity of outages could have been due, in part, to the fact the ground was already saturated, Lipton said. Trees fall much more easily when the ground is saturated, he said.

"It was a series of gust and gales that just kept coming. ... They just kept strafing the region," said Tesoro of the high winds.

Customers in mountainous areas or those whose outage is an isolated case may still be without power this morning, Tesoro said, though most should expect to have their power restored.

About 38,000 customers were without power Sunday across New York's upstate region. Major outages were also reported on Long Island.

High winds knock out power - Daily Freeman - October 30, 2006

Heavy snow in northern British Columbia downed power lines Saturday, leaving about 15,000 people without electricity around Smithers, Burns Lake and Fort St. James.

Snow leaves 15,000 in B.C. without power - CBC News - October 28, 2006

PS How wonderful is it they managed to get Smithers and Burns Lake in the same sentence?