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Monday, October 30, 2006
doomwatch: Global Thermo...

Global warming could devastate the world economy on a scale we haven't seen since the world wars and the Great Depression, a major report by a British economist says.

Sir Nicholas Stern, the report's author and a senior government economist, said unchecked global warming could shrink the global economy by 20 per cent -- and cost a whopping $7 trillion in lost output.

Global warming will devastate economy: report - CTV News - October 30, 2006

for more information see the charmingly-named

One wonders how Canada and the US are going to wiggle out of this one.

War in Iraq and opposition to global climate change are a great pair because the logic for one cancels the logic of the other; you'd have to be insane to believe them both simultaneously.

Assertion: We had to pre-emptively attack Iraq because we must act immediately on the slightest suspicion of danger, even when the evidence is weak and world consensus is lacking, plus which the British (including Tony Blair) thought Iraq had WMD too.

So ok, when there is a slight risk to the US and no evidence and world opposition, immediate action must be taken. Hundreds of billions spent. Thousands dead.

Assertion: We must not act on global climate change even though there is a massive pre-ponderance of evidence, and essentially total world consensus, and plus the British (including Tony Blair) think it is one of the most serious issues we face.

So ok, when there is massive risk to the US, and massive evidence and world consensus, we must do nothing. Plus which, to do something might cost, err, a few tens of billions of dollars, and zero people would die.