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Sunday, October 22, 2006
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I watched it twice.

I hated New Caprica so much.

It took me a day to figure out why the lights in one scene jumped out at me - I finally figured out that we used to have the exact same light posts down the middle of the street where I grew up. I'll have to check whether we still do next time I'm home.

[galactic light]

UPDATE 2006-11-04: Check it out

[light post]

[light post - zoom]


In case you're finding all the Galactica mysticism weird, be aware it's not new - I suggest you locate the only watchable episode of Galactica 1980,

"The Return of Starbuck"

As it happens, it was just on Space yesterday as well.
In it, Starbuck crashes alone on a desolate planet, and wonders whether he may have died and is in the afterlife. He finds a crashed Cylon ship and, bored with a lack of companionship, rebuilds a Cylon ("Cy") and befriends him (after he convinces the Cylon not to kill him). Eventually, the Cylon feels that Starbuck is bored with him, so the Cylon goes to find a wo-man for Starbuck. Rather surprisingly, he returns with a pregnant one. Cy says something like "I'm sorry if you don't like this one, there wasn't much selection". When Starbuck asks the woman where she comes from and how she got on the planet, she replies, "from another dimension, in the usual way". As a bonus, she informs Starbuck that she is carrying their "spiritual child". She also informs him that they must build a ship, because the Cylons are coming, and will bring Judgment Day with their arrival.

The child ends up being the incredibly annoying Galactica 1980 Dr. Zee, which is why I refer to New Galactica's hybrid baby Hera also as Dr. Zee.