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Sunday, July 23, 2006
watchin stuff: Tintin

So I'm watching Tintin DVDs in French, I don't know if it helps my French any, but it's fairly entertaining.

So I'm watching Objectif Lune / On a marché sur la Lune, and I'm thinking, holy frick, Hergé is a fricking genius, with his hyper-realistic moon voyage and moon landing, done in comic form starting in 1950.

Then I'm watching Flight 714 to Sydney and I'm thinking, holy frick, did Hergé lose his mind or what?

Let's put it this way:
ancient temple

In case you're thinking, Lost?

The Lost flight was Oceanic 815, and it was FROM Sydney.

I'm sure you can find lots of Lost/Tintin speculation sites exploring everything in excruciating detail.