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Thursday, March 16, 2006
new powerbook thoughts

New PowerBook G4 12".

- the only option at setup is wireless password, but I don't have a password, just a 128bit hex key, so I couldn't connect to my wireless network
- firewall off by default, firewall hidden in sharing prefs
- bluetooth on and discoverable by default
- the Dashboard is stupid. The Mac I guess sucks my location from my .Mac registration, but then the stupid weather widget thinks I'm in Ottawa, IL or some place in the US, and it shows my temp in F instead of Canadian Celsius.
- you probably want to have broadband, it downloaded literally 400MB or so of patches
- it came with iLife 06, but it wasn't installed - if you didn't know this you could easily run the onboard iLife 05 for years assuming it was 06 installed
- after installing 7GB of iLife 06, another 100MB of updates to download
- it now comes with licensed GraphicConverter, weird how they license some things but replace others (e.g. Dashboard instead of competing existing apps)
- OS X GUI sucks SUCKS SUCKS. I can drag directories to the Dock BUT NOT the identical appearing FOLDER WHATEVER THINGS in the left-hand of the OS X Finder windows. "It looks like your home dir, and you can drag it, but it's not really your home dir."
- apparently to "calibrate" the battery I have to fully charge it, unplug the power, and then run the PowerBook until it goes to sleep. This must be done with each battery (I bought a spare).
- I wonder how many people with Safari and Firefox are busily polling away on the default RSS feeds without even ever opening them. Talk about your needless web traffic.
- there doesn't seem to be any way to tell Spotlight "thou art forbidden to index any and all external drives" so I had to disable Spotlight completely

Most of these are things I noted with the iBook, but I am just reminded of them as I reconfig my PowerBook to my liking.