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Saturday, March 18, 2006
downtown DVI report

* Staples - 10 foot cable for $80
* Henry's - 10 foot cable for $70
* Hartman's - a surprising array of telephone, RCA, mini-audio, and even USB and Ethernet cables, but no DVI
* RadioShack (Source) Bank Street - nope
* Internet Cafe place - some ancient dusty printer cables and such, no DVI (nothing newer than 1995, looked like to me)

UPDATE 2006-03-19: RadioShack (Source) Rideau Centre, 1st & 3rd floors - 2m cable for $80. Sony Rideau Centre - same. (The Monster DVI400 cable.) Sears Rideau Centre is the winner: 2m for $100. Oh yeah, this shopping local stuff is great. the only one under $80 is Henry's, and it's closed on Sunday. Four hours of looking so far.

Meanwhile,, click click click, 5 minutes. But it doesn't tell me which of the 5 types of DVI cable it is. Even doesn't tell me which type it is.

Why in our wonderful Web 2.0 world can't I just type...

Dear Mr. Googleaton,

I would like to buy a DVI-D male-male 24+1 (or alternatively 18+1) cable from a store within about 20 minutes walk of my condo for about $50. Please map out my choices and give me clickable links to reserve the item.

Thank you.

Since we're not quite at that point yet, I did try a Google search (using a combination actually of web search and local search), it suggests PC Cyber in the Glebe and Laurier Computer on, well, Laurier.

There's also PC Cyber Recycle which is close by on Somerset, but I don't know how many cables they have.


SECOND UPDATE 2006-03-19: Upon searching my various scattered cable storage containers, I find I have exactly the cable I need anyway. You know who has a lot of cables? It's me. It turns out I have a DVI-D male-male 18+1 (single link), 6', probably from the Dell 20" LCD.


What's with the 10' cables? I only need a three foot cable.
Who needs to have their computer 10' away from their monitor? I don't get it.

I don't know where else I could check nearby.
I'm going to go back to Rideau Centre and return my cable to RadioShack/Source (1st floor) and see whether they or RadioShack/Source (3rd floor) have it.

Not sure where else to check downtown.

I might go to FutureShop near work on Monday to check, if I can't find anything before then.