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Sunday, March 19, 2006
and on that happy day, he left the Classical world

The only Mac OS 9 (Classic) app I was still running was Outlook Express.
I love Outlook Express.
So much that I have 24,000 emails in there, apparently.

I have tried other email apps, but none of them matched the complex functionality I wanted, with the simplicity of OE's interface.

I have posted before about alternative apps, but I never found anything.

Anyway, so finally today after many years I got around to installing my (legal academic bought-at-Dal) copy of Microsoft Office Mac X.

So it turns out that Entourage X is the exact successor to OE. Same interface, same everything, plus it happily sucked in all the data from my OE 5 identity. My rules are running, my multiple email accounts work, it's downloading emails correctly.

Today is a good day.

In theory I could now go forward into the glorious Intel Mac world at some point in the future.