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Thursday, February 09, 2006
Ottawa photobloggers

Lana Stewart started photoblogging about four years ago. She says she became inspired by reading other peoples’ blogs and decided to make her own. Her online journal began as a food-related blog and then changed focus to her travels. Today, Stewart combines both themes as evident in the blog’s title, Place + Thyme.
Her interest in photography encouraged her to start a photoblog.
“Photos allow me to express things I couldn’t put down in words or speech alone,” says Stewart.
Not only has her photoblog enabled her to express herself, she says it has also helped her stay on top of her photography.
“I knew that if I went days or weeks without posting someone would e-mail or comment. I feel pressed to serve readers,” says Stewart.
Although she admits to falling behind with her blog in the last few months, Stewart says she plans on getting back on track and posting a new photo every day.
“Once the canal opens I’m going to be really diligent about one (photo) a day,” she says.
On Robyn Paton’s blog, Mintyfresh, a new photo can be seen every two to four days.
Paton began Mintyfresh about a year ago as a written blog and later developed it into a photoblog.

From the Centretown News.
In theory the article should end up in their archives.
It sux when the current URL is not the same as the archived URL.

Pic of Lana from the article

[Lana Stewart]
pic by Suzy Kendrick

Here's my photoblogging contribution, from January 27, 2006

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