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Friday, February 03, 2006
let's have a war on success! we cannot fail to win

Understand that the US right deliberately has chosen problems that cannot be solved, and then works to make them worse, so that they can have their followers in a state of perpetual enragement (and donation frenzy).

If the rage ever settled, people might start thinking things through rationally.

So pick things that
1) Will never change and
2) Make people angry

There have always been gay people, so: War on Homosexuality.
People love to get buzzed so: War on Drugs. And deliberately war on sources of drugs, certain users of drugs, certain types of drugs, all for various reasons.
People perpetually have sex, and particularly the unsafe kind so: War on Abortion. Also, to some extent: War on Sex.

Now abortion you could mostly win with lots of birth control and education but noooooo.
That might work so it must not be tried. It is forbidden!

Garry Wills (reviewing Our Endangered Values: America's Moral Crisis by Jimmy Carter): “the anti-life movement that calls itself pro-life protects ignorance by opposing family planning, sex education, and informed use of contraceptives, tactics that not only increase the likelihood of abortion but tragedies like AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. The rigid system of the "pro-life" movement makes poverty harsher as well, with low minimum wages, opposition to maternity leaves, and lack of health services and insurance. In combination, these policies make ideal conditions for promoting abortion, as one can see from the contrast with countries that do have sex education and medical insurance.”

via Just a Gwai Lo

It's really quite a brilliant bit of evil.

Carter was interviewed (video whatever) on The Daily Show.