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Saturday, August 30, 2003

Ok, this is what's going on.
Have some time off to move to new place.
Am sort of semi-moving, have left myself a month to complete everything.
This is perhaps good, as there are the usual things - wall needs to be replastered and repainted, tile needs to be fixed - and unexpected things, mainly the fact that the fridge hasn't arrived yet.

All in all it is a good place.
Note how I am avoiding going off on a tangent about the stupid kitchens we design, with the fridge right next to the stove, and the fridge jammed into this tiny closed space, so that the poor fridge, trying to make things cold, not only has to compete with the other appliances trying to do the opposite, but is also sitting in an enclosed pool of its own heat.

I have set up wireless Internet. Even up here beyond the clouds, I detect three other wireless networks, all of them open, one strong enough that I could use it instead of my own. People have no idea how far their wireless bubble extends.

I liked Circadian's recent comic strip postings.

I am very, very tired of reinstalling operating systems and reconfiguring browsers.
I estimate I have spent about an entire solid month of my life on this task.
I reinstalled OS X and OS 9 on my iBook for the third or 4th time. Hopefully this is the final.
I have made a separate partition for OS9.
Then I have to configure browsers: Safari, IE, Mozilla. For X (regular account, wireless roaming account) and a bit for 9. That is a lot of times to be doing the same thing over and over again.

I still can't decide on this browser thing. Safari is the X one to use I guess, but I am more used to IE and Mozilla, so I end up scattered all over the place.

Anyway, very busy. Many things to do.

UPDATE: In another bit of engineering brilliance (in addition to the usual kitchen appliance battle of the fridge next to the stove) they have put the thermostat next to the washer/dryer, so every time I do laundry it thinks the apartment has suddenly heated to 30 degrees and turns on the central air.