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Monday, August 25, 2003

Microsoft has been cranking out security documents (maybe they might want to spend more time securing their code but anyway...)

What You Should Know About the Blaster Worm and Its Variants

Protect your [Windows] PC: 3 steps to help ensure your [Windows] PC is protected

Learn About Firewalls

Checklist: Install a Firewall

TechNet: Firewalls

It's nice of Microsoft to finally notice the importance of firewalls for consumers, considering that I have been writing about this issue on my home broadband security page for about four years.

Check out this Microsoft security advisory spoof.

The basic issue for a long time is that Microsoft invents "features" that it claims its customers want, then sticks them in and turns them all on by default. This is how you get consumer systems that have RPC ports open, or that can be compromised by opening an email message. And their security reviews, howevermuch hyped, don't seem to be catching vulnerabilities, considering that the RPC vuln made it from NT 4 through W2K and on into Windows 2003.

Along the same lines, see yesterday's Washington Post article Microsoft Windows: Insecure by Design.