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Monday, June 15, 2009
Star Trek: the problem of Delta Vega

(I'm pretty sure in the movie they said Delta Vega 4, but whatever.)



So this place looks to be like 100,000 km from Vulcan - in other words, it has to be a moon, or the spectacularly unlikely case of a planet sharing the EXACT SAME ORBIT.

But Vulcan is basically a desert, while with Class M breathable nitrogen-oxygen atmosphere, while Delta Vega is all ice, also with Class M atmosphere.

But they should be receiving the same amount of insolation.
So ok let's assume we have only seen the equatorial regions of Vulcan and we just happen to be seeing one of the poles of Delta Vega.

So we're obviously in the Vulcan star system, but there's only a Federation base there?
Don't you think the Vulcans would have a nearby moon covered with science bases?
What's the Federation doing with a base in the Vulcan solar system?

Makes no sense.

The unofficial info in Memory Alpha is very disheartening

Although the Delta Vega depicted in Star Trek is located in the Vulcan system, writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman named it after the planet in "Where No Man Has Gone Before". In an interview with, Orci said, "We moved the planet to suit our purposes. The familiarity of the name seemed more important as an Easter egg, than a new name with no importance." [1]

According to writer Roberto Orci, the part of the mind meld sequence in which Prime Spock sees the destruction of Vulcan was meant to be "as impressionistic for a general audience." The idea was that Spock saw the planet's destruction through "a telescope or some other type of measuring device," but showing it that way on-screen "isn't very cinematic." However, Orci himself prefers to think of Delta Vega as being in close orbit of Vulcan. [2]

This is one of the fundamental problems of modern science fiction, which is you have these TV and movie writers who know nothing about science or about the genre, and think it's just an excuse to make stuff up. This was particularly prevalent in the Next Generation, where it was clear they had writers from like random network TV shows writing stories for a completely different genre.

Things have names for a reason
Scientists don't go hmm... ok that's alpha Centauri and right next to let's put Gamma Tarkania.

And you couldn't have Spock looking through a telescope? He's f&#king SCIENTIST for Christ's sake. He's SUPPOSED to look through telescopes.


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