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Sunday, February 10, 2008
a tale of four lions



Happy New Year

First lions are from the Chinese-Canadian Heritage Centre, I thought they were stone but apparently they're in concrete.

Here's where I would link to Centretown News article from February 8, 2008 "Building a bridge from East to West: Xing Huang's dedication to the community makes Chinese heritage centre a reality", but the CN site is down for maintenance.

Xing-Zhong Huang works at NRC and put a lot of his own time and money into purchasing the former church


and turning it into the Centre


I thought it made an interesting contrast with the Sparks Street Post Office


Man, the British heritage of Canada sure does know how to do stuffy.

It's good that the "Chinatown" ("Thai/Vietnamese/Korean/China / general other side of the Earth - town") area down Somerset is expanding down Kent and Bank, because it brings lots of yummy food.

Anyway, happy year of the rat.

(Rescued after Google lost this post when I logged out of a different Google account.)

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