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Thursday, December 13, 2007
do, or do not: there is no believe

Canada's environment minister has told an international climate conference this country has already felt the impact of global warming and believes wholeheartedly in the commonly accepted science behind it.

In other news, the environment minister believes in sunshine and puppies!

Baird calls UN-favoured target of 25-to 45-per-cent emissions cuts by 2020 impossible for Canada to achieve.

With several other countries, Canada wants that target removed from this week's final statement.

Baird told the auditorium he's fine with a more general promise to halve global emissions by 2050. But he said the main goal of the convention should be to launch a discussion and set a 2009 deadline date - not to get sidetracked in a numbers debate.

In other news, the government says "doing stuff is hard... let's make it easier by moving the goalposts and making promises instead".


Canadian Press - Baird tells UN conference Canada believes in global warming, has felt it - December 13, 2007

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