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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
shipping to Centretown

If you live west east of Kent in the downtown core, I recommend, in order of preference

- Canada Post / USPS (can pick up at post office on Bank)
- Purolator (can redirect to depot on Laurier)

- UPS (can redirect to UPS Store on Bank) - but weird redirect policies ("don't tell us to redirect today, call us tomorrow"). $5 redirect fee.
UPDATE: UPS man also says they like you to call the store in advance to let them know the package is coming, but I've never had a problem if I didn't. Use to look up contact information. ENDUPDATE

- FedEx *if you're at home* otherwise the depot is out by the airport
UPDATE: FedEx charges the shipper $10 for a redirect

- EMS (Express Mail Service) - you can track these packages using the Canada Post site

Don't use DHL, they suck, and the depot is far away, AND they can't find stuff in the depot anyway.

Interesting side note: for packages sent to Canada you can enter USPS parcel tracking numbers on the Canada Post site and (once the package is in Canada) you will get much better, more detailed tracking info than from the USPS site.

(USPS = regular US Postal System, their national postal service)

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