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Sunday, March 04, 2007
in which The Man prevents me from watching my own DVDs

Projector was all set up, I though oh, I'll finish Saturday off with a nice relaxing movie. Haven't seen Powaqqatsi yet.

So I removed the shrinkwrap on the DVD.
And then, in order to secure... um, it's not clear exactly what it's meant to secure, but for some evil stupid corporate MPAA overpackaging reason, every openable side of the DVD is sealed with a stupid f-ing SECURITY DEVICE ENCLOSED sticker. Because, you know, fvck our customers, what we're concerned about is stopping the 0.00000000001% of thieves who would be deterred by fvcking SECURITY STICKERS.

I mean, who cares if our customers then, after removing the ridiculous unnecessary shrinkwrap, have to attempt to peel off the super-sticky micrometer thick stickers that prevent the box from being opened, using some combination of fingernails, bent fingernails, swearing, knives and eventually hacksaws. And who cares if their $20+ DVD then has fvcking sticky glue crud all over the front, back and sides, that is impossible to remove.

Because you know, it's all about the art, isn't it.

For me, not appreciating the genius of this packaging scheme, I simply gave up after about 5 minutes and went and read a book.


Granpa, how did you destroy our planet?
Well, son, we thought it was really important to wrap absolutely everything in layers within layers within layers of plastic, For Our Security™.

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