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Monday, January 08, 2007
Kodak gets back into the digital picture frame business

CES 2007: Kodak has today announced four new digital (LCD) picture frames; a 10 and 8 inch with built-in Wi-Fi (EX1011 and EX811) and an 8 and 7 inch standard (SV811 and SV710)


All should be available in March at prices ranging from U$280 for the EX1011 to U$130 for the SV710.

  • EX1011 Digital Picture Frame has a 10-inch (diagonal) 800 x 480

  • EX811 Digital Picture Frame has an 8-inch (diagonal) 800 x 480

  • SV811 Digital Picture Frame has the same features as the EX811 except not wireless

  • SV710 Digital Picture Frame has a 7-inch (diagonal) 480 x 234

I will update my page on digital picture frames in Canada once these units become available.

info from DPreview - Kodak Wi-Fi Picture Frames - January 7, 2007