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Saturday, April 15, 2006

After yesterday's disappointing experience with Star Trek 1: The Pointless Picture, I decided to cheer myself up with Star Trek II (which I own).

It's so bizarre, it's like two completely different ST universes. ST1 is plotted out by someone who has no understanding of Trek or SF, ST2 is done by someone with a deep understanding of the characters and science fiction.

All I have to say is thank god whatever miracle happened that rescued Trek in the second movie.

It's a really good movie, you know.

I suppose I should have known ST1 would suck when I heard The Next Generation theme music playing. Although ST1 was worth it to see crazy hippie Bones with a beard.
But then on the downside, those chest-hair revealing uniforms? WTF? shudder

As a side note, the Enterprise spacedock scene in ST2 is the same as ST1. Not similar. It's the exact same film.

Also I'm pretty sure that the Regula 1 space station in ST2 is the same as the Earth space station that Scotty and Kirk departed from in ST1.